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Working and Home Guidelines - Shopping Guides   Changing weather and lack of immunity in the body are the main reasons for this. In addition, people suffering from colds and flu should be careful while coughing and sneezing to make sure that the germs do not reach others. It is also a matter of etiquette to cover oneself with a handkerchief, etc. In this condition, one usually feels lazy to take a bath due to fever and body aches, which is very inappropriate, according to the advice of his doctor. It is important to take a bath and change all clothes, as well as eat raw vegetables, especially onions. Raw vegetables and fruits play an important role in improving immunity against diseases. In addition to physical hygiene, wash the beds and other used clothes thoroughly and apply sunscreen to clean the rooms as well as expose them to the sun and air. Please open windows etc. However, cover with sunscreen to prevent frostbite. In the end, the most important thing is to get treatment from a

Wristwatches and sunglasses - articles for women/Beauty is incomplete without jewelry - articles for women

Wrist Watches Or Colourful Glasses

Whether it is the fashion of new clothes or the make-up of shoes or the style of hairstyles, women are aware of all the latest fashions. What color looks good in clothes or what should be the design of clothes? What color shoes will look good and how should the jewelry be? All this is the interest and need of women.

Now the fashion style has changed. If women have to go out in the sun, they consider it necessary to wear matching glasses accordingly. Well, it is not only fashion but also a necessity that the bright sunlight through it. In addition, wristwatches are becoming a part of women's fashion. And most modern women and students are seen with matching wristwatches.

In fact, in the hot summer months, when the sun is shining brightly in all directions and your eyes are closed due to the intensity of the sun, when you go out of the house, a good pair of sunglasses. Mercy is proven, but when it comes to women, especially girls, even the smallest thing they need is not devoid of fashion and style.

So, sunglasses are a necessity of the weather but it is also fashion and style. The fashion of sunglasses also changes day by day like clothes and ornaments and thus these sunglasses which are pleasing to the eyes of women to enhance the radiance of their face. This is also the reason why in summer, sunglasses with large size and bright colors will be in fashion so that when you apply them on your eyes, you will see the beautiful colors of the world.

So you too must try these brightly colored and different textured glasses which will definitely add to your splendor due to their uniqueness. Color frames Not only the frames of these glasses but also the glasses are decorated with charm. Sunglasses if suitable for clothing. Apply to make your personality look more attractive, but don't forget to always buy good quality sunglasses as they protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

By the way, watches are used only to see the time, but nowadays their use is seen as more fashionable than necessary. For men and working women, the use of wrist watch is more necessary than fashion. Most of their time is spent outside the office and office work, traveling to other clients and on the streets, and in the meantime they have to take care of their time.

However, housewives only use it when they go to the bazaar and to attend events. However, now they make special arrangements in this regard and keeping in view their hobbies and interests, new designs and colors are available in the bazaar. Wristwatches are available.

Wristwatches have long been considered a special part of men's personality, but the pages of history show that before the twentieth century, they were used only by women and were considered an important part of their fashion.

Women used these watches for decoration. Then gradually this fashion of women started gaining popularity among men and it became a necessity. However, the fashion of watches has never been the same. There have been many changes. The changing fashion of watches has led various companies to make watches of brand new designs, after which watches of all types and textures were introduced and used as fashions.

These watches range in price from thousands to millions of rupees.

In earlier times, wristwatches were made of ordinary metal and in a specific design. Stripes designed for women were slightly delicate, but in terms of decoration, they looked very beautiful. These watches were more showy than time. There was a time when wristwatches were only seen on the wrists of rich women.

But then different brands came out and they became available to everyone in terms of price. Apart from working women, housewives started wearing watches for any occasion or occasion. Watches are also common and crystal watches, In addition to stainless steel watches, many women also use gold-plated watches, while many watches also have diamond-studded watches. In addition, other metals are used to make beautiful and elegant watches that Women like to wear.

Beauty is incomplete without jewelry - articles for women

Beautiful and exquisite jewelery is very important for women who are keen on beautification. If the festival of Eid is approaching, matching earrings, bangles and necklaces will attract the women to the market. This is the reason why women pay special attention to make-up, whether it is a ceremony or a festival. Clothes and shoes are popular among women but the most important is matching jewelery.

With no earrings hanging in the ears and bangles in the hands, women's shopping seems dull. The rush in the markets shows that women are very fond of clothes and shoes as well as jewelery, whether they are gold or New designs in synthetic artificial jewelry are also readily available in the market which are the focus of women's attention nowadays.

Women say that by shopping early on Eid, on the one hand, they get a fair price and on the other hand, there is less rush in the markets.

Jewelry has always been the first choice of women in the ancient traditions of the East and in ancient times. Jewelry is also a great way of feminine beauty and adornment. ۔

By the way, new jewelry designs are introduced in the market, but you do not have to use the existing designs, but you can also make designs on your own. If you are a fan of heavy jewelry, you can still wear jewelry. When making, pay special attention to the texture of your face, because jewelry should be worn to suit your face.

It is also important to keep in mind the color balance guideline when choosing jewelry.

Jewelry is helpful to give the final touch to any outfit. Therefore, it also helps to highlight the natural beauty of the wearer's skin. Regardless of your color group, we can help you choose jewelry. If you are concerned with warm skin, then gold, copper or brass jewelry will be suitable for you.

If you belong to the cool color group then white jewelry like or Nat Gold is best for you. The concept of life is considered impossible without it. Jewelry is an important part of women's make-up and is of fundamental importance. There is no occasion, including weddings, for which she does not choose jewelery according to her dress.

In Pakistan and other countries of the subcontinent, women have been wearing less and less jewelery as per the custom, but in the present era, the situation has changed drastically. In view of the importance of jewelery for women, new trends in jewelery are introduced in the market which makes women anxious to wear it after seeing it and they want to buy it. Are engaged in search.

And this anxiety and quest is found in women of all ages as a never-ending desire. But this hobby is more prevalent in girls to the point of insanity.

The beauty of fashion is that every new trend replaces the old fashion with such a glory that everyone forgets it or like a piece of cloth.

In this regard, the new soil trend of the new season is transparent bags and shoes. This trend has been specially named this spring and summer and it has also been introduced with great fanfare on the fashion runway. The fact that women have taken this new fashion by the hand shows that despite being partially introduced, this trend is gaining significant popularity.

This trend of transparency is not limited to purses and shoes but also includes some other fashion accessories such as sunglasses, hair clips and jewelery. According to the predictions of fashion experts, transparent shows will be especially popular this season. ۔

When it comes to popular jewelery trends among women, necklaces and tops have once again become the adornment of women's makeup this year.

Leading designers in Pakistan have spread new fashion styles across the country in just a few years after their hard work and efforts and at present only the products made by the designers are being preferred in the market while the front line models. Is the most important person who has played an important role in bringing the unique style of beautiful clothes, jewelry, shoes and hairstyles to the people. Our top models are spreading the soft image of Pakistan all over the world through the platform of fashion industry. And through it the image of our country is improving.


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