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Changing weather and lack of immunity in the body are the main reasons for this. In addition, people suffering from colds and flu should be careful while coughing and sneezing to make sure that the germs do not reach others. It is also a matter of etiquette to cover oneself with a handkerchief, etc. In this condition, one usually feels lazy to take a bath due to fever and body aches, which is very inappropriate, according to the advice of his doctor. It is important to take a bath and change all clothes, as well as eat raw vegetables, especially onions.

Raw vegetables and fruits play an important role in improving immunity against diseases. In addition to physical hygiene, wash the beds and other used clothes thoroughly and apply sunscreen to clean the rooms as well as expose them to the sun and air. Please open windows etc.

However, cover with sunscreen to prevent frostbite.

In the end, the most important thing is to get treatment from a qualified doctor. Now is not the time to treat a cold for three days. Proper diagnosis and complete treatment is very important. In this regard, follow the advice and instructions of your doctor. Follow up regularly and eat regularly.

The best tip is to take your mother to a qualified doctor for an examination as soon as possible and follow her instructions for a correct diagnosis as joint pain is not a single disease but is never caused by uric acid. Increases, bone weakness or heredity can also be the cause.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow the doctor's instructions regularly, only then the problem will be relieved. As far as olive oil massage is concerned, it does not seem to be a problem. It is a method tried for centuries, but it will be better. In addition to applying it on the advice of a doctor, it should be included in the diet so that the nutritional value of olive oil can be fully utilized.

Yes, it is not necessary to use chemicals to clean the lice from the heads of children, but with constant attention and a little effort, this problem can be solved because children go to school outside the home, etc. Lice on children's heads are transmitted to their heads. Children have a habit of taking a bath after coming home from school, which helps a lot in preventing them.

Also apply pure mustard or coconut oil in the hair and clean the lice from the hair by turning the fine comb.

Grind basil leaves in mustard oil and add aloe vera kagoda to it. If you want, blend all the ingredients in a blender and make a thick mixture. Cook them in medium-sized pots at home.

Combine this mixture at least once a week with clean hair, cover with a scarf and leave it on for an hour or two, then just wash the hair with plain lukewarm water, clean the scalp with a fine comb and shampoo as usual.

I like your passion and hobby very much. In this regard, I suggest that before cleaning, you should put a number of thrills called pot holders and shelter and take all precautionary measures because for this purpose, if you You have to heat it and then cut the lemons in half from the middle and keep it separately in a bowl and add it to the salt to make it clean. Hold the lentils firmly with one hand and pinch the lemons with salt with the other hand. Do not keep the toe on the fire continuously during this time, otherwise it will get very hot and there is a risk of burning hands etc.

On the contrary, when it is very cold, reheat it a little and turn off the stove, then put salt in the lemons and mix it on a hot stove. It will be very easy to adjust, even if it is not immediately after, it will be done in two or three times

Wash and chop some papaya and clean the seeds and the membrane in the middle because it is bitter and spoils the taste of food.

Now chop it finely in a chopper and grind it. Since the chopper grinds things without adding water like a blender, it will be finely chopped, but it may not be in the form of a paste. Then add a little water and Finely blend with two tablespoons of cooking oil.

If you try to make a paste directly in a blender, it takes a lot of time and electricity but it becomes a paste. It will be easier to make a paste in a blender after grinding in a chopper. Now measure this paste with a spoon and make an ice cube. You will find out how much paste is in each cube. 2 tablespoons of papaya is enough to digest one kg of meat. Use the cubes in the same proportion. After these ice cubes freeze, air them. It can also be kept tight in the grip lockback so that the tray can be used for other purposes.

Whenever a new plant is brought home, wash and clean it thoroughly and dissolve one tablespoon of semi-oil, one teaspoon of cocoon oil and one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in one to two liters of water and spray it with the help of a spray. Spray the leftover mixture on existing plants in the house. Plant pests either come with new plants or are spread by ants that keep plants in such places.

Moving home is a challenging job - home decoration

Whether the house is new or rented, when you move, you have to stay warm on one or more fronts. Moving a rented home according to the landlord's given time, ie vacating, is a moral and legal obligation. The main task is to pack things and prepare them for the ride in the boxes and then move to a new place and carefully remove these items and put them in order. This is a test of your manners.

In the beginning, it makes sense where to start. If you first bring cardboard boxes of different sizes, then it will be correct. How many clothes do you have to wear at the event? If there is an event during shifting. If it doesn't come, all of them, otherwise one and a half pairs should be kept separately and the rest should be folded and kept in these boxes.

Apply masking tape to each box and write down the details of the contents.

You will need more than one box for the utensils. Wash and dry all the glass utensils in these utensils from here and wrap them safely in old newspapers. Lay a layer of everyday cloth on the bottom of the box. Carefully keep the utensils wrapped in their food. Leave a few utensils for the last day out and pack the rest.

In the meantime, if some utensils with broken edges come out, discard them or give them to someone.

Make a separate box for medicines and first aid kits and paste it with medicine. Write the medicine. Sheets, pillowcases, comforters, blankets in a separate box and pack in the same way. If you had your own fans and AC installed in the residence, keep them down with the help of an electrician.

Clean the refrigerator in the same house. The prudent requirement is to use all the frozen items a few days before shifting. Meat, meat, poultry and fish are the same amount till some time ago. Buy items that can be used immediately.

Electrical installations whose paint has deteriorated, such as ceiling fans, exhaust fans, etc. If they are taken from the same house for service and painting, it is better to replace the old, bad paint with the paint and varnish of the new house. And bad installations don't look good.

Wash the old bucket in the house in the same way. Deliver brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners and other items to the new house but leave one and a half brooms in the old house. You will remember when you came to this house. You cleaned the countertops, the bottom of the kitchen cabinets, the drawers, the sinks, the tiles, and the faucets.

Then move the kitchen equipment there. With the help of lemons, vinegar, baking powder or soda and a little olive oil, clean the house first and then go there and lose your belongings. Family photos, masterpieces, calligraphy pictures, etc. Wrap it up and do it slowly in the new house where the nails are to be installed.

Arrangement of equipment and furniture

Once you have moved from the old house to the new house, you have to put the furniture in the desired place in your tent. The map identifies the room for which the purpose is deemed appropriate and you can customize it according to your estimates and needs. Drawing dining is not adjacent to bedrooms.

However, lounges and kitchens can be close together. Seating in the lounge furniture can be arranged according to your budget, but the drawing room is furnished with some luxurious and formal furniture.

Cabinets need to be organized

When it comes to organizing cabinets, Western housewives also advise children to get into the habit of folding clothes themselves, putting them in hangers, and cleaning their shoes and putting them on racks by the age of 10.

If you do not have children, do it slowly with the help of a supportive relative, friend, sister or husband. Do not leave all the work on one day. This busyness will make you very tired. Divide the time and tasks. If you get tired of one job, do another job, for example, in the washrooms, keep personal belongings as well as cleaning items in order. Give and then take care of all the other work. Organizing the house is definitely time consuming but time consuming work is not at all.


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