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Working and Home Guidelines - Shopping Guides   Changing weather and lack of immunity in the body are the main reasons for this. In addition, people suffering from colds and flu should be careful while coughing and sneezing to make sure that the germs do not reach others. It is also a matter of etiquette to cover oneself with a handkerchief, etc. In this condition, one usually feels lazy to take a bath due to fever and body aches, which is very inappropriate, according to the advice of his doctor. It is important to take a bath and change all clothes, as well as eat raw vegetables, especially onions. Raw vegetables and fruits play an important role in improving immunity against diseases. In addition to physical hygiene, wash the beds and other used clothes thoroughly and apply sunscreen to clean the rooms as well as expose them to the sun and air. Please open windows etc. However, cover with sunscreen to prevent frostbite. In the end, the most important thing is to get treatment from a

School dropouts - problems and solutions

 School dropouts - problems and solutions


The development of the country and the nation depends on education. The basis and path of development of the country is also determined through education.  

On the importance and usefulness of education, everyone does not fail to make his own statement and speech on this day. But when it comes to practical steps, then all claims and promises fall to the iceberg. Everybody, young and old, realizes that the important field like education has been neglected somewhere and the country and the nation are suffering the consequences. The condition of today's educational society which has interpreted statistics as progress has deteriorated further. When it comes to shortcomings, failures and shortcomings, then the power will fall on the poor government teachers. It can never be a moral thing for the authorities to shout at the faults and shortcomings and to put their faults on the shoulders of the teachers and run away. Even if the negligence and carelessness on the part of the teachers is to be acknowledged, then this negligence is nothing more than the noble policy-making which has swept away the fleet of education. Even today, honest duty-bound teachers are trapped in the whirlpool. Spending your energy in extraction. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. We have to try to cleanse the education system from the conspiracies of the government. The government educational institutions which used to be the mine of knowledge and wisdom in the recent past have now become the abodes of despair and inferiority complex. There are loud claims to remove the status quo and restore its greatness, but honestly not a single step has been taken in this direction till date. One of the failures of government madrassas teachers, administration and bureaucracy. If the administration does not see the pile of problems in government schools, it can only be interpreted blindly. If serious efforts are made to remove these problems, it will surely be in the interest of the society. It will be a good omen. In this regard, the biggest goal and work for the Department of Education is 100% enrollment. Madrassa), and the dropout rate in Turkish education must be controlled. The failure of the Department of Education to do so is still evident, and teachers are being punished.

In light of the statistics, it is worrying that despite the continuous efforts of the government and the education department, the trend of Turkish education dropouts in government madrassas in Telangana has gradually increased. Last year (2016) presented by the education department. According to the data, 50 percent of the students in 

Mehboobnagar district have completed Turkish education till they reach high school. Adilabad is second with 44.83%, Medak district is third with 43.69% and Warangal district is fourth with 41.41%. According to the Telangana Education Department, the average dropout rate in the state is 37.56%. According to the Telangana Education Department, the average dropout rate in the state is 37.56%. More were found than girls. The rate of Turkish education among boys was 38.76% while the rate of Turkish education among girls was 36.31%. The percentage of Turkish students in first to fifth grade was 19.25% and the rate of Turkish students in first to eighth grade was 31.14%. In the light of statistics, it has come to light that the dropout rate of girls in Mehboob Nagar district is 50.33 per cent, compared to 49.34 per cent for boys. In this context, migration is considered as the main reason for Turkish education (dropout). This reason given by the authorized authorities cannot be considered acceptable because even if the local copy is considered as a reason The entry rate should be increased where it has been relocated when it has not been relocated. Moving location cannot be said to be the only reason for dropout. It is a matter of concern that the responsibility of eliminating the trend of 100% enrollment and 100% dropout of Turkish education has also been imposed on the teachers by the Department of Education. 

In any case, the sword has been hung around the necks of teachers. Sometimes in the case of poor results, sometimes in the case of dropout students. According to various reports, one of the reasons for the dropout trend is the lack of interest of teachers. However, there are several issues to be mentioned in order to increase the trend of Turkish education. Is it right to blame only the teachers in this regard? In the minds of the people, in order to increase enrollment in government schools and control dropouts, these top officials should also be held accountable. Those who sit in air-conditioned offices and formulate policies that have nothing to do with the realities on the ground. When implementing these policies, they only look at the shortcomings of the policy with one eye. The aim and mission of the government is very high to educate the new generation in any case. But the approach adopted to fulfill the mission is very worrying. They are also the source and axis of everyone's anger and resentment, while the officers sit in the upper cold rooms and enjoy the seats, and all their anger and resentment is on the teachers.

Hello Teacher's Day

Every year on 5th October in Pakistan it is celebrated as "Salam Teacher's Day". After I am born, human beings are bound by various relationships, some of which are blood relations, some are spiritual and social, and the most respected of all is the teacher, the spiritual father. The teacher is actually the pillar of any society without which humanity, civilization and development in the society is not complete. But nowadays I feel that this feeling is disappearing from our young generation and the respect and value of the teacher that was or should be is no longer there and this feeling was enough to touch my heart. So I thought of writing a book that would highlight the dignity of teachers.

I would like to give a little background on the value of teachers. Go back a little from today. In our time, it was a world of honor and respect. We did not even dare to look at the teachers. Walking a few steps behind the teachers on foot. It was known as happiness for a teacher to do something. For example, if a teacher was in need of water, every student wished that he was blessed with this happiness. I used to like it very much. If the teacher of this tradition had entered the class, all the children would have stood respectfully, but the flow of time is carrying away this beautiful tradition with it. This is the background of the time when Lucky and rude ".

From that time onwards, if we look at the background a little bit, an incident of Ibn Insha 'comes to my mind. Once he was present at a university in Tokyo, there was a conversation with a rival teacher. You are standing. All the children are jumping behind him. Ibn Insha was very surprised and when he found out the reason, the teacher there said that his shadow is behind him because of the sun, so no student wants the shadow of the teacher. Also came under someone's feet.

Similarly, I would like to make the story of Alexander the Great and Aristotle part of this article. Aristotle was his teacher. Once the two of them passed through a forest. There was a river that had to be crossed. Azam insisted that he would go first and crossed with permission and then said that the respected teacher should come from here, there is no danger from here. When Aristotle crossed the river, he said to Alexander the Great, "I am sorry that you did not obey me. 

Similarly, it is said that all the teachers were hidden in World War II and it was said that if the teacher survived, Germany would soon re-emerge as a strong and developed nation.

Everyone will be familiar with the name of Caliph Haroon Al-Rasheed. He asked Imam Butcher to teach his children. All the butchers said to send him to my house. He saw Imam al-Kasa'i washing his hands and Mamun pouring water. The caliph became angry and went there and whipped Mamun and said, Pour water with one hand and wash their hands and feet with the other hand

Similarly, once again Haroon Rasheed saw his sons Mamun and Amin arguing for the shoes of their teacher Imam Kasai and then both of them agreed to pick up one shoe each. If I didn't feel like it, I wanted to say something, but the caliph silenced me by letting my pitches get this happiness. Yes, if they were stopped because of the king's pitches, then there would be resentment.

Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) famously said, "He who taught me a letter made me his slave, then he can sell it if he wants, and set him free if he wants."

In this view, the teacher is clearly given the status of master and the student is given the status of slave.

These were some of the high status and honor of the teacher. Does the teacher now have that honor and status? No. At that time he does not get the respect and status of the teacher to which he is actually entitled. The lack of value for teachers has taken a toll on our society. Today's young generation is somewhat unfamiliar with the greatness of the teacher. Nowadays, if the teacher says something, the student embarrasses him by saying ten times in front of him. It is a matter of concern to what extent this young generation of ours is moving. Among the reasons I understand the lack of respect for the teacher is the training and political attitude of our families.

Nowadays in our homes children are often taught that the teacher is nothing but a paid person and respect him as much as


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