What would we have thought if the Corona virus had spread to Pakistan instead of the whole world?

The Almighty Allah is very merciful and His decision is best and wise. He is closer to our vein and knows us more than we are. Nowadays, the whole world is suffering from lockdown and like every human in the world, all Pakistanis are seeing this pestilence spreading to every part of the world, confined to their homes.

The recent Corona virus has given us a lot of time to ponder, and the growing power of Corona to cure and cure the growing power of the world is forcing us to think a lot. -

At the moment, conditions like superpowers like the United States are enough to make us all cry, where more than one person is being killed every minute, where the government has now started recruiting laborers to take bodies away. , Where mass graves are being built due to the lack of space in the cemeteries, and the government is now considering burning instead of burying them because of the increasing number of corpses.

The most important entity in the country, such as Britain, has also been victimized by its Prime Minister Boris Johnson and is counting the breaths of his life on the ventilator and ventilators are being rationed in this big country as well. Due to the large number of patients, only vital and necessary patients are being provided with ventilator facility.

The ration on the shops is gone. Medical stores do not have medicines and they have to sit in rows for eight to ten hours to show emergency in hospitals.

What would we have thought if it was only in Pakistan?

Seeing the helplessness of the big developed countries in the face of the spread and the magnitude of the Corona virus, the lessons that we Pakistanis have been taught to us for a hundred years could never be understood.

If the outbreak had only spread to Pakistan, all these major countries of the world would have made us untouchable, imposed trade sanctions on us, expelled the Pakistanis from their country. In the name of treatment, we would be able to help and to blame for all this disease was our poor economic condition and worse sanitation.

In the UN the resolution to isolation our country would pass and our neighboring country would close its borders rather than trade with us.

When our people suffer from hunger and disease, they put their whole responsibility on their government. Our government is incompetent. We are residents of the third tier country. This is why our government failed to take action. have been-

Seeing the shortage of rations, we would say that our government has hidden the ration.
What should we do at this time?

Today, when we are in a much better state than the United States and other countries in the world, our stores lack food and the gentlemen are still wandering in their hands to make sure no one is hungry.

Seeing all these situations, he falls prostrate in the direction of the Almighty Allah, and in the eyes, he comes in desperate tears for the forgiveness of his sins. Say, ease the difficulties of those who are in trouble, give the governments that are most affected by this disease the power to cope with it.


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