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Working and Home Guidelines - Shopping Guides   Changing weather and lack of immunity in the body are the main reasons for this. In addition, people suffering from colds and flu should be careful while coughing and sneezing to make sure that the germs do not reach others. It is also a matter of etiquette to cover oneself with a handkerchief, etc. In this condition, one usually feels lazy to take a bath due to fever and body aches, which is very inappropriate, according to the advice of his doctor. It is important to take a bath and change all clothes, as well as eat raw vegetables, especially onions. Raw vegetables and fruits play an important role in improving immunity against diseases. In addition to physical hygiene, wash the beds and other used clothes thoroughly and apply sunscreen to clean the rooms as well as expose them to the sun and air. Please open windows etc. However, cover with sunscreen to prevent frostbite. In the end, the most important thing is to get treatment from a

How can water be rich in vitamin C, protect from heat as well as protect against viruses? Learn

With the advent of the summer season, where there are many synthetic drinks on the market to counter them, citrus water has been used for centuries not only to quench the thirst, but at the same time The ingredients contained in the sweat also deliver to the body so that the body is able to function better.

How to make lemon water

It is usually given the impression that lemon water is a syrup mixed with sugar and salt, but this is a false idea. In fact, lemon water refers to the drinking of lemon juice in plain water or semi-hot water. It can be prepared this way -

Slice lemon slices in a jug of water with a peel and let it soak overnight, then drink a glass of water in the morning, or drink it at any part of the day for human health. Useful -

1: Vitamin C is rich in

Experts say lemons are rich in vitamin C and their use can provide humans with a strong immune response to many types of infections and the universal pandemic disease, cod 19. In addition, the power of the human being to fight many other diseases strengthens the immune system. It can be used with hot and cold water, from which the human body gains internal strength.

2: Eliminates odor of breath

Usually the cause of a man's mouth and respiratory odor is either his digestive tract or the root cause of bacterial growth in the gums - put lemon juice in a glass of water after eating. Drinking not only speeds up the digestion process, but also eliminates the bacteria in the gums and eliminates the bad odor from the mouth.

3: Best for kidneys

Lemons contain a large amount of esteric acid in comparison to other juicy fruits, which are very helpful in kidney function - it not only accelerates the kidney's cleansing process but also kidney stones. Breaks it down and makes kidneys healthy.

4: Weight loss

Lemonade can be an ideal beverage for those who want to lose weight, using it accelerates the body's metabolism and reduces weight loss - as well as lemon water. Antioxidants called polyphenols are also capable of dissolving old-fashioned fats in the body and causing a surprising reduction in weight.

5: Makes man young

Lemon water is helpful in removing toxins from the body, which has a direct impact on the health of the human being and makes the person feel dehydrated and protected from major diseases by improving his immune system. In addition, due to the emission of toxic substances, the skin becomes shiny and wrinkles are eliminated and humans appear to be younger than their age.


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