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130 million girls are out of school and two-thirds of them belong to the Commonwealth of Nations. 

According to UNESCO, Pakistan is in second place. The number of children is out of school. In Punjab more than 09 million children are out of school. According to the national census in 2017, the total population of Muzaffargarh district is 4.34 million, which includes 3.62 rural and 0.7 million urban population. According to the national census, 47.91% women are educated. Muzaffargarh district has 28.50% bodies and 24.10% rural and 55.5% urban population are literate. The educational ratio of women is 14.8% while the educational ratio of men is 40.9%. The population growth rate in the district is 3.38% (DCR-1998). Muzaffargarh is the 36th educationally among the 36 districts and the youngest of the children. The district is considered to be the first district in Punjab in terms of marriage. If 25A article in Muzaffargarh provides quality education as well as increasing the number of girls' schools as per Article 25A, young girls can be saved from marriage in the district. According to the new statistics, the number of girls' primary schools in Pakistan is increasing but sexuality is not the primary or secondary control has been achieved. Of course, due to lack of education, the quality of education is behind. But the federal government has to educate all the provinces. Importance and incentive to spend so that children and children can have a better education Children's education is not only a source of economic prosperity and income, but also of other social aspects such as reducing population for health of children and women. Preventing child marriages, advocating for children's rights, enriching and co-working environment Improved supply and well-being are also important.

Important Outcomes: Excluding girls' education enhances economic and agricultural prosperity and also contributes to prosperity. If only 1% of the female secondary education opportunities are taught, then the domestic economy grows by 0.3% and develops. Particularly if we educate the well-educated, the gains in national development and the exchange rate can be increased by 2%.

The research of the centuries shows that if women get more education and get better jobs, they can earn not only for themselves but for their entire generation and family. Every coming year, women's schools should increase by 12 per cent, especially for math teachers or teachers who understand mathematics and pay 18 per cent. By focusing on girls' education, they are educated mothers. Additionally, the deaths occur shortly after childbirth will be less. The well-educated will be able to better take care of themselves and their children, prevent maternity, focus on young children and take care of themselves and their children's health and life. Literature women will have fewer children and shortly after their marriage they will have fewer children, with a minimum of two years. There will be a 10% reduction in childbirth deaths. Better educated mothers will have better healthy and well educated children Strength will be provided with immunity and excellent nutrition, which will go to school daily and read soon. In the coming year, approximately every mother will be in the age of 15 to 18 when her child completes 4 months of school.

Approach to sex, which is why girls' education is often referred to as the "social vaccine". The same thing has been said for malaria. There are fewer cases of HIV infection or less than 7 million a century. That's exactly what malaria has been said. If all female mothers completed secondary education, the chances of malaria parasites for children would be reduced by 36%. The achievement of higher education suggests a special process, whether it is to avoid underage marriages or to improve the lives of married women. In every 18 of the 20 countries where there is a higher chance of child marriage The number of girls will be 6 compulsory who will not read and Education supplies give girls a strong and very lifelike life. She will not tolerate domestic unrest and strife.  And have the freedom and the freedom to go anywhere. According to an African country study, women who have a higher education every 10 years will believe in less than 10 percent of the next year and believe that domestic violence cannot be tolerated. Education of girls teaches them leadership skills. Is. So they can use it in public. In such social matters they have to make decisions, Pali


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