Corona Virus

The outbreak of the Corona virus in China's industrial city of Wuhan not only banned people from leaving China, but also stopped the export of goods, leaving China with billions of dollars in losses. Air pollution and disturbing conditions and disruptive employment opportunities created corona virus among the people there, and the absence of sunshine, unnatural habitat contributed 
to the spread of the virus.

 People suffering from this disease are  
apparently suffering from nausea, colds, coughs  and fever and are wasting their lives. The atmosphere of panic throughout the city is blamed.The reasons for this are said to be included in the diet of residents, from insects to dogs, cats, mice and bats.

But when did they eat it all? They have not started eating it all new.

So what can be the real causes? One thing is being said that one of the reasons for the outbreak of this disease is to weaken the physical immune system of the people there. Whatever the reasons are now to cure them. What should be done and what can be done to treat those who suffer from the disease?

Correction of the style accommodation is very important in the solutions that Chromo Pethe proposes.

The most important thing is to have good lighting and fresh air management at work and living space. If this is not possible immediately, it should be fresh in the open space and spend some time in the sun. If you suffer from the disease, focus on treating it with gentleness and consistency rather than panic. In addition, massage oils from orange rays into the chest and ribs three to four times a day.

Water made in orange rays should be watered two to two ounces, four to five times a day. With this blue bulb light should be applied three to four times for half an hour on the head. Bulb sixty watt LED bulb And if the distance from head to head is two and a half feet, it is expected to produce very good results within a week.
At the same time the patient should be sunbathing on the rest of the body for half an hour, two to three times a bath.The orange rays power the body's nervous system and the lungs begin to function properly. This allows oxygen to be added to the blood to strengthen the body's immune system. The proper and proper way to absorb oxygen in the body. Proper, full and deep breathing is a habit to take. 

We do not allow oxygen to enter the blood because of the shallow and superficial breathing habits.


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