Children's educational problems, parental concerns and their solutions

This is the distinguishing feature that led to the man being called ashraf al-mukhluqat. 

And man made the universe. From time immemorial, man has been in the quest for education, traveled far and wide, devoting his time and wealth to obtaining wealth.

In modern times education has become a nightmare, whose problems are not exaggerated if they are called miracles. It is important to keep countless complexities and human psychology in sync with the needs of modern education. On which the experts formulate the method and present their recommendations in light of their knowledge and experience. The current curriculum is fully compatible with modern needs in the light of these expert opinions, and students who complete higher education from educational institutions are fully capable of stepping into practice.

An important aspect that needs attention is the diversity in the education system which also leads to class division in the society and also hinders the understanding of the educational institutions and curriculum. However, this can also be ignored. At the national level, a special curriculum is provided for each level and academic year according to which various publishing companies produce books which provide considerable variability, while on the whole after the completion of a particular academic year. Students' academic ability and ability are at odds with the difference we feel is due to a sense of belonging or to the way teaching is done.

In this article we will look at the common problems and problems that students and parents have in mind. After reading these requests, of course, these concerns will go away and confidence in the educational system and curriculum will increase.

First of all, it is important to know that education is the name of human behavior change and mental training. This process is time consuming, but parents want immediate change in their child and show impatience. They do not understand that the knowledge and experience they have acquired after they are so young can be traced to inferior children.

The second mistake is to compare children. Parents often compare their children with their friends or their other children. In some cases it has even been observed that parents tell their children that I used to do this at your age, and because I was an expert in the work, there is no such perfection in you. Read a joke on it. Of course, you will be entertained and easy to understand.

A parent who was particularly concerned about the child's educational situation

The third important thing is that there is more support from parents than children. When parents let their child do any work, they first give lectures comfortably and then do not allow the child to work on their own, but repeatedly intervene and think that the child understands them better than they do. Is. Knowing that you are crushing your child's abilities in this way, with your help, the child will be able to do the job immediately but doing nothing by himself will not be enough. So let the child know what he or she knows and how they understand things. And let it work independently and avoid interference. When a child looks helpless, encourage him that you can, try, I trust you. Give the child a sense of independence and do what he can. This will give him confidence and increase his mental capacity.

Another reason is overworked children and long teaching hours. Given the contemporary needs of many, many parents think that a child should be able to keep up with the times when they should continue reading throughout the day. Remember that the purpose of education is not just to create bookworms, but to build humanity. Along with education, proper physical exercise and sports are important for the child. Not only do sports jumps up and stimulates the child, but also gives strength to the mind and imparts abilities.

I am concerned about the education of children and their future, but it is also important and important to avoid inflation. Excessive worry is a poison killer for a child's mental abilities and personality, which will make them go away altogether. Do not try to mold children into your template, but rather give them the opportunity to use their abilities freely after giving proper instructions and naturally assist in building a new personality.


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