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Clean the house in an hour

Are you lazy and don't like home cleaning or are you a full-time professional and don't have the time to clean the house, or are you just too busy to handle the kids and the house so it is time to keep the house clean? Can't find it? And when it comes to cleaning the house, it takes a whole day. It's a tedious task. But remember, a clean home is a guarantee of a healthy lifestyle.

Because cleaning is always needed somewhere in the home. According to a research published in the British General of Sports Medicine, taking 20 minutes of clean-up headaches reduces hot nausea and stress by up to 20 percent. Dressing potions are done on the basis.
Health-related experts say that a place where everything is well-placed helps to enhance your creativity, as well as vacuums and allergy-causing particles at ventilated sites. Get rid of

Which can lead to respiratory diseases. Also, if you are not one of those people who thoroughly clean their homes daily, they may have trouble with th…

Make the house home and the home environmentally friendly

The hallmark of a decent person is that not only his appearance is dignified, well-mannered, well-behaved and attractive, but also where he lives is a good home, his element of individuality and creativity is evident in his construction and decoration. Along with the openness of the human mind, the human mind also strives to harmonize it with nature. Many angles of stone architecture are still visible in the construction of churches besides Rajasthan and Pak Vindh forts, shrines, mansions and mosques.

Many of these buildings were given World Heritage status by the United Nations. This architecture was the creation of the Slots tribe. This style has been adopted when you look at the architecture of the Mockley Cemetery.
The traces of Hyderabad Slot Pada are still uneven, but modern construction is what many experts have attributed to this art in the construction of numerous buildings.

The highlight of the story is that your house is surrounded by air and the sky and stars are clear from t…

Have to read and then proceed

130 million girls are out of school and two-thirds of them belong to the Commonwealth of Nations.

According to UNESCO, Pakistan is in second place. The number of children is out of school. In Punjab more than 09 million children are out of school. According to the national census in 2017, the total population of Muzaffargarh district is 4.34 million, which includes 3.62 rural and 0.7 million urban population. According to the national census, 47.91% women are educated. Muzaffargarh district has 28.50% bodies and 24.10% rural and 55.5% urban population are literate. The educational ratio of women is 14.8% while the educational ratio of men is 40.9%. The population growth rate in the district is 3.38% (DCR-1998). Muzaffargarh is the 36th educationally among the 36 districts and the youngest of the children. The district is considered to be the first district in Punjab in terms of marriage. If 25A article in Muzaffargarh provides quality education as well as increasing the number of girls…

Children's educational problems, parental concerns and their solutions

This is the distinguishing feature that led to the man being called ashraf al-mukhluqat.
And man made the universe. From time immemorial, man has been in the quest for education, traveled far and wide, devoting his time and wealth to obtaining wealth.

In modern times education has become a nightmare, whose problems are not exaggerated if they are called miracles. It is important to keep countless complexities and human psychology in sync with the needs of modern education. On which the experts formulate the method and present their recommendations in light of their knowledge and experience. The current curriculum is fully compatible with modern needs in the light of these expert opinions, and students who complete higher education from educational institutions are fully capable of stepping into practice.

An important aspect that needs attention is the diversity in the education system which also leads to class division in the society and also hinders the understanding of the educational …

How can water be rich in vitamin C, protect from heat as well as protect against viruses? Learn

With the advent of the summer season, where there are many synthetic drinks on the market to counter them, citrus water has been used for centuries not only to quench the thirst, but at the same time The ingredients contained in the sweat also deliver to the body so that the body is able to function better.

How to make lemon waterIt is usually given the impression that lemon water is a syrup mixed with sugar and salt, but this is a false idea. In fact, lemon water refers to the drinking of lemon juice in plain water or semi-hot water. It can be prepared this way -

Slice lemon slices in a jug of water with a peel and let it soak overnight, then drink a glass of water in the morning, or drink it at any part of the day for human health. Useful -

1: Vitamin C is rich inExperts say lemons are rich in vitamin C and their use can provide humans with a strong immune response to many types of infections and the universal pandemic disease, cod 19. In addition, the power of the human being to fight…

What would we have thought if the Corona virus had spread to Pakistan instead of the whole world?

The Almighty Allah is very merciful and His decision is best and wise. He is closer to our vein and knows us more than we are. Nowadays, the whole world is suffering from lockdown and like every human in the world, all Pakistanis are seeing this pestilence spreading to every part of the world, confined to their homes.

The recent Corona virus has given us a lot of time to ponder, and the growing power of Corona to cure and cure the growing power of the world is forcing us to think a lot. -

At the moment, conditions like superpowers like the United States are enough to make us all cry, where more than one person is being killed every minute, where the government has now started recruiting laborers to take bodies away. , Where mass graves are being built due to the lack of space in the cemeteries, and the government is now considering burning instead of burying them because of the increasing number of corpses.

The most important entity in the country, such as Britain, has also been victimiz…

The number of Pakistanis defeating the Corona virus began to increase rapidly

According to data released on Tuesday, 1376 virus-infected patients recovered nationwide.

The number of Pakistanis who lost the virus began to rise steadily, according to data released on Tuesday. According to details, where the number of cases of Corona virus has increased in Pakistan, there has been an increase in the number of patients defeating the Corona virus.
It has been reported that 1376 krona patients being treated in Pakistan by Tuesday 14 April have recovered. Punjab has seen a significant increase in the recovery of treated patients, especially. On the other hand, it has been reported that 3,157 tests have been carried out in the country today, out of which 342 people have confirmed the virus, after which the number of people affected by the virus has increased to 5837.

It has been reported that there were 2881 reported cases in Punjab, 1,518 in Sindh, 800 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 231 in Balochistan, 233 in Gilgit-Baltistan, 131 in Islamabad, and 43 cases in Azad Jammu and Kas…

The partial lockdown will continue for another 2 weeks

Wheat and dollars are also smuggled out of the country. Imran Khan talks to journalists

Islamabad Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that he will extend the Corona Lockdown to two more weeks in the country, adding that Lockdown is going ahead and Lockheed will continue for two more weeks to stop the spread of Corona. Dynasties have been extended: If the province does not want to open Lockdown, the federal will not force them.
After the National Coordination Meeting in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan told reporters that to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, we could gather people everywhere including cricket matches, grounds, shops, shopping malls, wedding halls. All were shut down because if they didn't, the virus could spread faster. He said that the strange thing about the virus is that it spreads rapidly wherever people gather and hence lockdowns have been done around the world to keep people safe.
"We have decided to extend the lockdown two more weeks to prote…

The UK has indicated to maintain the current status of Lock down for the next several months

Until the availability of the Corona virus vaccine in the country, life will not return to normal: British authorities

London Britain signs up to maintain Lock down's current situation for the next several months, British authorities say, until the availability of the Corona virus vaccine in the country, the situation will not come back to normal. According to details, British authorities have expressed concern after the outbreak of the Corona virus in the country that the current situation in Lock down could potentially be prolonged.
It has been reported that life will not come to normal until the Corona virus vaccine is available in the UK and the vaccine preparation may take an estimated 18 months. It has been said that there may be some softening in the UK in the coming days, but the complete collapse of the lock down will not be possible soon.

The easing of sanctions will be decided only after the British Prime Minister returns to the hospital.

It should be noted that like other …

The woman leaves her real-life husband in love with a stranger found in a video game

This is the story of a woman from the UK who left her real life husband to find the love of the legendary world.

Kelly Sexton started playing the online simulation game "Second Life" four years ago when she was 37 years old. In this game players can customize their character and live in the legendary world.

Kelly also suffered from diseases such as fibrousyalgia, muscular arthritis and epilepsy.
Second Life proved to be the solution to these problems. She was also married at the time and had four children. They didn't even know that they would get caught up in the love of a stranger in real life and start a new life, but in reality it did.

On the last day of the year in 2016, his character Selena got the role of a stranger. The stranger started dancing in front of Selena.

The character seemed to be hilarious to Kelly, so she began to flirt with him as well.
The alien's character's name was Statkmose. Soon the two began to spend time together on Second Life. In those da…

The dust of relationships

Oops! Saba, how is the living room, everything is covered in dust. This room looks less and more junk. Take care of some cleaning, how do you sit here. Hey Bhabhi Sima Leave Come sit, Saba cleans a chair and makes Bhabhi sit down. Stay put, I can't sit here in Saba, you know, I'm allergic to dust. Saba too, without any embarrassment, grabbed Bhabhi's hand and brought her into the yard. Even if you sit here I make tea for you. Amy has moved to the neighborhood will be here now. At the same time Amy entered through the door, Saba spoke on seeing them. Look, Amy has come too. Amy took off the sheet and gave it to Saba and after meeting her daughter-in-law, sat down with her. They started asking about the status of sons and children. Saba started making tea with the tea inside. He knew that outside of normal practice he would engage in conversation by making it a topic. Even though there were millions of differences between Amy and Bhabhi, but she was a niece, she used to shar…

Never use salads or cucumbers otherwise you will regret it, experts reveal

In salads, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes are eaten with fondness and it is explained that they give the body energy and a balanced diet, but experts say that cucumbers and tomatoes should never be mixed. Health says cucumbers and tomatoes do not take the same amount of time to digest so never mix them together.

They say that food that is digested sooner and later, increases the burden on the stomach as well as increases the risk of poisoning in the body. Mixing such foods can cause stomach gas, inflammation and pain. Problem arises. Not only should you never mix tomatoes and cucumbers, but there are some foods that should never be mixed, let us tell you about them.

Fruit after eating:Often fruit is eaten after eating, but this is a habitual habit, so change the habit from now on. After eating the fruits, it may take longer for them to digest, causing them to digest more in the gastrointestinal tract. 
Macaroni and cheese (meat) or meat: This food is also eaten passionately but it is als…

Uniform curriculum: A few concerns

In the last two columns, we have discussed the concepts of the curriculum, the truth and the Islamic concept.

We still have the same question as to whether a truly uniform curriculum will be implemented by March this year. This question was also in my previous column which I answered 'no' because I do not understand it yet. One thing can be done and it is 'waiting', that is, waiting until March to see and thus the answer to this question will come to fruition. We have no doubt about the intention of the present government and we also wish that a uniform curriculum should be implemented across the country and all children should attend the same curriculum. We also wish that all children across the country should get the same educational facilities as simply stopping the teacher in the curriculum will not solve the problem. As we know, the curriculum development involves the objectives, the content, the pedagogy and the stages of the review. Considering these steps in ter…

President Trump's bid to end Lockdown

Outbreaks in the US are breaking down 'Patients' decline in hospitals is a positive indicator. US President's Briefing

Washington US President Donald Trump says Corona pandemic in the United States is breaking down "There are positive indicators of controlling the disease and we are successfully leading the fight against the disease, which shows that the outbreak. The pressure has started to decrease. According to the US broadcaster, during the briefing at the White House, President Trump also indicated that he would soon remove sanctions. The US President said that the United States was moving forward with a purpose and that our goal was to defeat Karuna.

He said that as of Thursday evening, 2 million suspected coronary patients have been confirmed in the United States. Trump thanked all frontline workers for the fight against Corona. The United States will once again move forward with economic stimulus packages. Despite the continuing rise in deaths due to the Corona …

Happy Ramadan ..!

Ramadan is the coming of the month. This is the month that the Prophet used to engage in prayers and preparations to reach him two or two months before his arrival.

According to him, you used to spend the day of Sha'baan waiting for Ramadan.. Mommy Aisha says that when Ramadan comes, who used to take the basement off the bed .. He would rarely come to bed. We used to worship in Ramadan so why not do so in Ramadan .. It is said in the hadeeth that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) every year He used to do two rounds of the Qur'an.

Once he used to listen to Gabriel, he would hear Gabriel the second time. There are.. That is, Sharif used to complete the Quran thirty times in Ramadan and read the twenty-one Qur'an in a tirawah. Praise be to Allah, who knows the people who regularly compete with the Qur'an. We hear about our elders. If he used to spend the night in two rak'ats or reading a verse, then all seemed to be the top thing, but today if we l…

Excellent health guarantee from dairy products

Dairy products containing milk, vitamins, and iron (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.) are essential to human health.
Milk is not only the baby's first diet, but it is also the main food commonly used in homes. Breastfeeding is very important for children and elderly people in Pakistani households.

Nutritionists call milk a complete diet. Milk contains calcium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin B12 as well as amino acids, fiber, sodium and other nutrients, which serve to energize the body. By the way, breastfeeding is usually preferred, which maintains immune throughout the day. However, experts say that drinking a cup of milk at night also has numerous benefits, some of which are described below.

Calm downIn modern times, it is common for elderly people to complain about not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep can affect their health and, due to feeling tired, can be felt throughout the day. Tryptophan (amino acids) works to calm the sleep at night, which is found in milk. Drinking…

Saudi royal Khan's 150 people have been infected with the virus

King Salman and Wali Ehed Mohammad bin Salman migrate to a protected area near Jeddah, princes traveling abroad spread the virus to the royal family: New York Times report

Riyadh New York Times reports that 150 people of Saudi Shahi Khan have been infected with the Corona virus, Shah Rukh Shah Salman Aqar wali Ahad Mohammed bin Salman has moved to a safe area near Jeddah, due to the princes traveling abroad. I spread the virus. According to reports, the New York Times reports that the Saudi royal family has been attacked by the Corona virus.
It has been claimed that Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz Karuna, the governor of Riyadh, a prominent Saudi royal, has fallen prey to the virus and his condition is currently of serious concern. That is why they have been admitted to the intensive care ward.

It is further claimed that close to 150 members of the Saudi royal family have been infected with the Corona virus. In all this situation, Saudi rulers and Wali Ahad have moved to a secure…

Refreshing visibility of face no longer difficult!

Just to make the freshness of the freshness of the green is not enough make-up or facial, etc. It is important to take full care of the physical health. There is a direct connection. 
Not only can beauty be considered by following a few things, but it can also help in maintaining physical health.
A vitamin rich dietNutritionists say that frequent vitamins should be used in the diet. Vitamins can also be used as a daily supplement.

Vitamins should be included in the diet.
Various vitamins help to keep skin, nails and hair healthy. Vitamin B, for example, helps to keep skin and hair healthy, Vitamin B strengthens nails by keeping greasy skin balanced. C helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the skin. Vitamins D, EF are also essential for physical health. 
Fruits and vegetables contain
phytochemicals, which are not obtained from supplements. These phytochemicals help to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body and excrete excessive substances. I also help, which makes the body feel en…